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Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Actor Vishwa likely to leave the house

Bigg Boss Telugu 5, Vishwa
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Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Actor Vishwa likely to leave the house

Saturday’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ had host Nagarjuna creating much fun with his conversations with the inmates and making them do other fun tasks. With not many incidents to address this week, Nagarjuna had congratulated Anne for winning the captaincy task as he proceeded to talk about individual performances this week.

Amidst the fun tasks, Nagarjuna saved two nominated contestants from the danger zone. As Anchor Ravi and VJ Sunny are out of the nominations this week, they are out of danger for now. Singer Sree Rama Chandra, Jessie, RJ Kajal, Priyanka Singh, Siri, and Vishwa are still in the danger zone, as the results are to be announced Sunday.

As per the voting patterns this week, Vishwa is likely to exit the ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ house in Sunday’s episode. Despite Vishwa’s hard work, some of his qualities are not well-received by the viewers, which might have resulted in his low votes. Also, Vishwa plays a terrific game, when it comes to physical tasks, which always end up hurting the other contestants, for which he is disliked by ‘Bigg Boss’ inmates as well.

On the other hand, Sunny and Shanmukh have been consistent in trending on social media, while Manas and Sree Rama Chandra’s graphs are fluctuating. As the show nears its completion, the audience will decide on who is capable of winning the title.

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