company of heroes 3: Company of Heroes 3: What’s in the Pre-Alpha Preview and how to play it

The Pre-Alpha Preview of Company of Heroes comes with a new Dynamic Campaign Map with a ‘sandbox-style’ gameplay. The focus is on single-player campaign gameplay. The action begins in the coastal city of Naples, Italy. The Pre-Alpha Preview will be available till August 4, 7 AM IST.
The developers have added a new and completely optional ‘Full Tactical Pause’ feature, that lets you control the pacing of your single-player battles by pausing the game midway, issuing commands and then resuming it to see them in action. Also, you will get to play a variety of missions, including dynamic new ‘skirmish’ mission types.
How to access and play the Company of Heroes 3 ‘Pre-Alpha Preview’
Please follow these steps to get into the pre-alpha programme. The prerequisites are having a Steam account and an intense desire to see how Company of Heroes 3 looks like in development.

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