EPS 95 Pensioners Latest News: Increase Minimum Meagre EPS 95 Pension from Rs. 1000 to 9000 + D.A Per Month to Chairman of International Labour Organisations

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EPS 95 Pensioners Latest News: To,
Hon’ble Shri Apurva Chandra,
International Labour Organisation
Shram Shakti Bhavan,
Dear, hon. Apurva Chandraji,
Chairman of International Labour Organisations,

EPS 95 Pensioners Latest News: We Humble request to you sir that please accept our  Congratulations on the  High Designated Post of Chairman of International Labour Organisation.

I am Prakash Pathak, National General Secretary of Employees Pension (1995) Coordination Committee, Head Quarter, Nagpur,12. We have already been requested to International Labour Organisation by mails for help us without any delay sir, but not taken any Pains about Painful Pensioners Pitiable Situation those who are working in 187 industries., Now Second Wave of COVID-19 Pendamic also sir.

Since last 2008 we are struggling for EPS 95 to improve the Peatiable, dying condition of the 68.80 lakes pensioners in covid Pendamic with Second Waves also. Not a single pair has been allotted in Budget. neither nor submitted any favourable Proposals to the government for e.p.s 95 to increase the Pension by EFO in your resume also. In this regard. It should be acted upon on it, sir as per the provisions of social, constitutional fundamental Rights and Main Aims of EPFO which are Declared by Advertising d/-16th November 1995.

Hon’ble Shri Neeraj Dangi M.P. Smt. Hema Malini, Smt. Navnit Rana, Shri Rajmani Patel, Shri Dharyasheel Mane and other M.P.s raised questions  In Loksabha and Rajyasabha ‘Question hours’ about the need to increase minimum meagre Pension from Rs. 1000/-to 9000/- + D.A Per Month.

EPS 95 Pensioners Latest News: Increase Minimum EPS 95 Pension from Rs. 1000 to 9000 + D.A Per Month

A lot of representations have been given by us and various Trade Unions, EPS 95 Pensioners Associations demanded to increase the minimum Pension with the amendment in the act, with consideration and the support with submitted amendment Report of Bhagat Singh Koshiyari Committee. In the year 2014 Union Government had already been asked to EPFO about the implementation of Bhagatsing Koshiyari’s report and how much amount is to be required. I urged and humble request to you that please look into matters on humanity ground and help us, sir. I have full confidence about you, do the  needful please, sir


With Regards.

(Prakash Pathak )

National   General Secretary

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2 thoughts on “EPS 95 Pensioners Latest News: Increase Minimum Meagre EPS 95 Pension from Rs. 1000 to 9000 + D.A Per Month to Chairman of International Labour Organisations”

  1. Thank you very much Sir.
    Prakash pathakji you are EPS-95 Pension ₹9000/- + DA. It was really Very good Decession. To write a letter to Chairman & International labour organisation to seeking minimum pension ₹-9000/- to all india EPS -95 all retired employees. It is very good calculation in this Critical Corona pandamic 2nd waves, for Senior & most Senior citizens were Suffering from lot of deseass.
    Thanks a lot wth Regards

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