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Fixing glitches in IT portal single largest priority, says Infosys

said fixing the glitches in the income tax filing portal was its single largest priority, and that it was working towards solving the issues with the Income Tax department. “We have invested in a much more leadership, and I go through that is the single largest priority for us today, and we are hopeful to address the remaining tension by roll out the remaining contact,” said Pravin Rao, chief operating officer, Infosys.

In 2019, Infosys had won a Rs 4,242 crore contract to develop the new income tax filing portal. However, users have complained of several glitches since it was launched on June 7, 2021. This had prompted Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to step in and ask the IT major to resolve the issues immediately.

While announcing the company’s first quarter results, Rao said that the company had made some progress on fixing the issues with the Income Tax filing site and that it was working collaboratively with the tax department to fix other issues. “We have made some progress, but having said that, we still have some ways to go, we have to address some of the intermittent issues… We are working very collaboratively with the Income Tax department as well as other stakeholders, and it is our endeavor to resolve this issue as expediently as possible,” said Pravin Rao, chief operating officer, Infosys. He added that the tax department had added more bandwidth and that they were working together to solve this.

“Many of the issues raised around performance and stability have been addressed with the reset, today, on an average we have eight to 10 lakh people signing on to the portal. Many of the new content like E proceedings PDF returns, or the statutory forms ITR two have been released,” said Rao.

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