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Google Chrome to show the complete URL of websites again

Tech giant Google has decided to roll back the changes it made to the appearance of the website URLs in the address bars, deciding to go with the idea of a full website address instead of a cropped one, as per a developer document seen by Android Police. Earlier, the move to shorten the URLs by just showing the domain name of the website and hiding the rest of the parts was met with some criticism when Google implemented it, but it said in its defence that shortening the URL in the address bar was a way to simplify the omnibox and intended to help people identify malicious websites. Now, the tech giant seems to have reconsidered it.
The change has been rolled out with the Chrome 91 update, hiding only “https://” this time. If you want to see that part also in the web address, right-click on the web address in the address bar and select ‘Always show full URLs”. Now, you will be able to see the complete web address.
According to Google, its move to shorten the URLs didn’t improve user security in any major way. So, with the new update, the changes have been reverted. In case you are not too keen on the addition of this update, you should still update your Google Chrome browser if it is your primary browser. It is the first line of defence against any malware entering your system unknowingly. The rest depends on whether you have a dependable antivirus solution installed on your device or not.

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