How do some YouTubers upload movies without a copyright claim? and earn 1000s

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How do some YouTubers upload movies or other videos without copyright? Answer is here. The chances of a movie uploaded on YouTube getting taken down is pretty high, but in some cases, it might stay online for some time or even forever, in most cases, the soundtrack is scanned faster than the visual, so the copyrighted music already sets the video to be demonetized.

But that doesn’t mean the video is taken down, most times music production companies feel like keeping demonetized videos online is a better way to get more money, because, if you’re not familiar, if a music producer claims the music of a video, any and all revenue that comes from the video goes right to the music producer instead of you because your video is demonetized to you.

This happens quite often nowadays and in some cases, if a movie is made by a not-so-well-known film company, they might have not even filed a proper visual and audio copyright system with YouTube. So the video remains up and remains monetized, but this is rare.

Sometimes people cut out copyrighted soundtracks and many people even place blank gaps between scenes, I have commonly seen this on full family guy episodes uploaded to youtube, every 3–5 minutes or so they place a countdown or blank spot to confuse the copyright system to think that the visual copyright is a clip and not a whole episode or movie. It’s a technique of cheating the system, it isn’t guaranteed and it’s most probably against YouTube content guidelines.

How do some YouTubers upload movies which have copyright issues if I want to monetize them?

And then comes the case of actual blocked content, there are probably millions of hours of blocked movies on YouTube that no one has ever heard of, if the YouTube copyright system is working efficiently (which it usually is), then it will block the video, and that happens in two cases, in one case, copyright issues are larger in some countries than others and so the video could be blocked not entirely, but in a few countries and it will most certainly be demonetized, and the final and worst type of block is the worldwide block, this video will never see the light of day on YouTube and even if made public, no one will ever be able to see it except you.

In worse situations, you could get a copyright strike, which affects your channel terribly, if three valid copyright strikes occur on your videos your entire google account will be permanently banned.

So to conclude, there are a few cases where demonetized videos dodge the worldwide blocks, but as stated here
, uploading movies and other content is technically NOT ALLOWED and you just not do it, there’s a 9/10 chance it’ll get demonetized anyway and the ones that stay are halfway to Getting Blocked Town.

How do some people upload full movies on YouTube and earn without copyright issues? Is it illegal?

Yes, it’s illegal.

Movies are copyrighted work (nearly every produced video is), so you are not allowed to use it without permission.

The people you are talking might have uploaded movies, but they are not making money from them. The money goes to the copyright owner of the movie.

This is done by using the Content ID technology that recognizes what the video is, and then claims it on the owner’s behalf. The video runs on the channel where it was uploaded, but the revenue is shared only with the copyright owner. This is called ‘Content Claim’

So don’t think that anyone can make money by violating copyright. They can’t.

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