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Letter to Hon’ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court to Resolve EPS 95 Pensioners Higher Pension Cases, Allow EPS 95 Higher Pension to 67 Lakh EPS 95 Pensioner

Kind attention of Hon’ble Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Sri N V Ramana Garu, is invited to the attached pdf letter written by me wherein I have requested Hon’ble Chief Justice, kindly to dispose of the pending review Petitions filed by the Central Government and EPFO against the Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court during the year 2016 delivered in favor of 65 lakh EPS 95 retd Pensioners to pay revised higher pension, calculated on Actual Salaries.

Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi garu acting against the interests pensioners, willfully filed review petitions along with the EPFO playing delay tactics and to avoid the implementation of the judgement of Supreme Court on some pretext or other, following which around 25 lakh EPS 95 pensioners died of Starvation or committed Suicides unable to live with the megre pension ranging from rs 500/-to rs 1000/- per month since the inception of the pension Scheme.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister is regid, stubborn and inhuman towards the Starving EPS 95 pensioners without implementing the Supreme Court’s judgement of 2016 and hence seeking adjournments continuously since the Said Date allowing lakhs of retired EPS pensioners by filing review Petitions and seeking adjournments.

We request Hon’ble Chief Justice Supreme Court kindly Dispose of the Review Petitions and implement the Judgement of Hon’ble Supreme Court delivered 6 years back without allowing further adjournment to be sought by the Central Government and EPFO on 25-10-2021, the date of hearing.

With regards

Yours faithfully

A V Ramana rtd DMO APCO

President Hand loom and Textile People Welfare Council


Retired pensioner under EPS 95 pensioners’ Scheme aged around 80 years having put up 32 years of service in APCO, United Andhra Pradesh.

Copy Submitted to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Government India with request not to seek further adjournments without allowing further deaths and Suicides of poor pensioners

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