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Majority of developers least happy working at large enterprises: Survey

As many as 68% of the developers surveyed for HackerEarth’s second annual developer survey said they were

least happy working at large enterprises versus growth-stage startups, especially those that clock over 60 hours per week.

HackerEarth, a solutions provider to attract, interview, upskill and engage developer talent, on Thursday released its developer survey report titled “Code in Progress: HackerEarth 2021 Developer Survey” which provides actionable insights for hiring managers, CTOs and other decision makers building and managing tech teams based on evolving technologies and interests.

“There’s no way we could have predicted all of the radical changes the pandemic brought upon the tech industry over the past year,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth. “The one constant is the immense challenge facing hiring managers and CTOs responsible for assembling and nurturing tech teams in a fiercely competitive market. This year’s report is meant to help decision makers understand how code will progress and guide their strategic roadmap for hiring in 2021 and beyond.”

Some of the other key findings from the report indicate excessive virtual meetings kill developer productivity and developers. It was observed that 22% of developers say that ‘Zoom Fatigue’ is real and directly affects their productivity and 18% of developers say that a ‘No Interruption’ policy when they have their headphones on helps boost productivity. The report went on to add that while student developers listen to nature sounds, professionals prefer ambient music.

“Throughout the pandemic, the tech industry has had to adapt on the fly. Developers and engineers remained in high demand throughout 2020 and into 2021 as companies continued their digital transformation efforts to ensure business continuity. Things have changed however with remote work being the norm for many tech employees and the task of recruiting, screening and interviewing, and nurturing developer talent becoming more competitive than ever,” the company said in a statement.

HackerEarth received a total 25,431 responses from developers across 171 countries with more than 20 % of respondents being women.


“The report captures how changes in our world over the past year have impacted the tech industry and what the current programming ecosystem looks like through the perspective of student and professional developers globally including preferences, challenges and work-from-home practices,” the company said.

As per the report, Rust is the programming language that most excites student developers this year while Padrino and React are top Developer Frameworks.

The report also highlights that developers see lack of post-interview feedback as a major problem and no longer prefer onsite interviews.

Developers also felt that too many rounds in the interview process (16%) and misleading job descriptions (14%) are other things about the tech hiring process that they dislike. However, according to 40% of them, remote interviewing is here to stay and 40% of professionals prefer remote interviewing tools that are equipped with video and code editors.

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