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Microsoft’s next camera technology can turn into company logo when not being used

Microsoft’s future Surface devices could reportedly come with a new and different under-display camera system that will display the company’s logo when not in use.
LetsGo Digital has reported that the Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft filed the patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) regarding this ‘Logo Camera’ design for a Surface device back in October last year.
In the same month, the company opened up a job listing for ‘Principal Android Camera System Architect/Engineer for Surface Development’. As per the report, the company intends to improve upon the camera quality in their Surface devices. The Surface Duo was launched with just one 11-megapixel camera with average performance.
Coming back to the camera design patent, there will be four different sensors aligned similar to each part of the Microsoft logo and each will have its own colour filter. Which will allow these sensors to display the company’s logo at the front when the camera is not in use. They will switch to camera mode once the shutter is activated.
The patent report suggests that all the sensors are for a mobile device that the company might be working on. Our best guess will be Surface Duo 2 or Surface Pro. All the sensors will be placed under the display and they will have a 2 x 2 array allowing them to be fitted inside a much slimmer device.
The exact specifications of the sensors are not yet known, but the quad-camera setup is expected to be capable of capturing high-resolution images with high pixel density by optimizing each sensor for a particular colour.
As of now, it is not clear which device will feature this camera system. Given the hints, we can expect it to arrive in future Surace devices like Surface Pro, Duo 2 and Surface Go, etc

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