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Oncam upgrades its C-Series 360-degree video surveillance cameras with Multi-Mode

Oncam, the provider of premium 360-degree video capture technologies, has announced the release of updated firmware called Multi-Mode for its C-Series 360-degrees video surveillance cameras. With the addition of Multi-Mode, users can choose from five different views and stream up to four of them simultaneously, claims the company.
With Multi-Mode, users can stream four different views at any given time including:
Fisheye: A standard 360-degree fisheye view that is ideal for total situational awareness
Panoramic+: A 5:2 pre-dewarped panoramic view best suited for wall-mounted cameras that use the centre of the fisheye sensor to generate an actual 180-degree image. Panoramic+ also includes specifically designed accessories to help ensure the correct tilting of the camera at the desired angle. Created for both the Indoor and Outdoor Plus models, Panoramic+ accessories will be available to purchase from Q3.
Corridor+: A split 2-way corridor view, Corridor+ allows one to see in two opposite directions of a 360-image at the same time, with no gap in between, so that objects move seamlessly from one section to the other.
T Corridor+: A 3-way junction view, T Corridor+ focuses on three chosen directions in the fisheye image without any gap so that what is directly in front can be monitored as well as what’s on either side.
VCam: A user-defined dewarped view of a chosen area of the fisheye image, where users can decide which specific area of the scene is of interest and focus on it.
According to the company, Multi-Mode adds flexibility, versatility and ultimately expands the use cases possible with 360-video technology. With the updated C-Series, stakeholders are empowered to record everything that happens within a scene with 360-degree video coverage and at the same time configure alternate and more natural-looking views tailored to specific needs. The enhanced functionalities of the C-Series continue to be powered by the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform, which spans a full range of system-on-chips (SoCs) designed for running compute-intensive workloads at the edge of the network.

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