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Shaan: People in Kolkata should enjoy Durga Puja festivities, but also be careful | Hindi Movie News

Basking in the success of the Durga Puja anthem ‘Thomkiya Thomkiya’ with Akriti Kakar, Bengali boy Shaan is happy about his latest song. However, the one thing that bothers the singer is the pictures from his city Kolkata where a sea of people are spotted crowding Durga Puja pandals as COVID safety precautions have gone for a toss.

Talking about the situation, Shaan told ETimes during a recent interaction, “I’ve heard that people in Kolkata seemed to have forgotten about the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is out and about with full enthusiasm for pandal hopping, eating puchkas and all that, I think sab bohot zayada mood mein aa gayein hain (everyone’s gotten into a mood). I would like to tell people especially those who have young children or an ailing family member, to try and be a little more careful. Just wait for a year and then we will celebrate it wholeheartedly in Kolkata together. Please be a little careful this year. Enjoy the good, enjoy the music but try to keep social distancing. Please keep your masks on and keep washing your hands.”

Shaan’s co-singer Akriti Kakar echoed similar sentiments as she commented, “We are sitting in the house for the last 2 years and have made compromises. Some people have lost their close ones, so let’s be careful and not have a revenge celebrations.”

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