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This is how much Microsoft may charge for Windows 365

Microsoft hasn’t officially revealed the pricing options for its subscription-based Cloud PC service, Windows 365. However, while demonstrating Windows 365 during one of its Inspire sessions, the company revealed one pricing option.
Microsoft has made it clear that the pricing will be announced alongside the official launch on August 2. According to the demonstration video, businesses will be able to use Windows 365 at the cost of $31 per user, per month.
The $31 monthly subscription plan is a part of the Business plan. The plan offers a pretty decent configuration which includes two CPUs, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.
The Business Plan for Windows 365 is specifically designed for small businesses with not more than 300 total users.
Along with this Microsoft has also revealed more details about the available configurations for Windows 365. These configurations will be customised based on the number of CPUs, RAM and storage capacity. The list also shared some details on the example scenarios for each configuration and available apps and services. Here’s the complete list.

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