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Wipro employees: Over 55% of India-based employees of Wipro vaccinated: Rishad Premji

Over 55% of IT services giant Wipro’s India-based employees have been vaccinated and that number is increasing every day, said Rishad Premji, chairman of , while speaking to shareholders at the company’s 75th annual general meeting on Wednesday.

“As of today, based on the self declaration of our employees, we are aware that over 55% of our employees in India are vaccinated, and that number is increasing every day,” Premji said. “We are fully there to support our employees, both in terms of providing access to vaccines, as well as encouraging them to get vaccinated.”

Responding to questions from shareholders at the AGM, he said that the company has on its own vaccinated around 35,000 employees and their families since June, when it procured 100,000 vaccines for the purpose of inoculating employees across its campuses.

Premji said that demand for the company provided vaccinations is “slowly coming down because people have more options”, adding that mandating people to get vaccinated was not an option as it was a personal choice.

Wipro has over 160,000 employees based in India.

The company also said that 97% of its employees globally have been working from home over the course of the last 15 months as it was the most prudent and safe model to follow at this time, and that Wipro is likely to adopt a hybrid working model in the future.

“We will certainly evolve into what’s the right model for work going forward, and in the end, it will likely be a hybrid model of people coming into work some of the time and working from home some of the time,” Premji told shareholders.

Currently, Wipro said around 60% of its employees in India are based in big cities, while 40% of them are working from their native places and living with their families. It said that it was supporting all its employees affected by Covid-19, including in some cases trying to employ the spouses of deceased workers.

“We’re very acutely sensitive and aware of every kind of support that we can provide,” Premji added.

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